Ben Zobrist & the Success Idol

Ben Zobrist was your quintessential athlete in small town America. He grew up playing every sport, but especially loved basketball. However, after his senior year of baseball Zobrist’s coach encouraged him to attend a scouting event in Peoria. As a result, Zobrist was offered a full-ride scholarship to Olivet. He had great success playing second and shortstop and eventually transferred to Dallas Baptist. In 2004 he was drafted by the Houston Astros and then traded to the Devil Rays in 2006. That’s when Zobrist hit his first slump.

 He was sent down to Triple-A and describes this time as the hardest in his sports career. Zobrist recapped this story at Lipcomb University’s chapel and is worth a listen. Zobrist notes that he dealt with the “idolatry of success,” a category that is hardly apart of the average athletes understanding. Zobrist says himself, “The bottom line is I needed to repent, repent of this great need to achieve and succeed at this earthly level…I was egotistical. Everything was about me.”